Green energy for better future...


Green energy for a better future

Solar Energy is one of the free resources available abundantly for humankind and with the depletion of non –renewable resources; the world has now been adopting renewable energy at a rapid rate. This energy is very powerful & helps in production of electricity. As the energy from the sun hits the solar panels, light that is called photons is reduced. Solar panels are made of silicon. Solar panels have solar cells in them.

The cells have a positive and negative layer to create an electric field. As photons are absorbed in the cell, their energy causes electrons to become free. The electrons move toward the bottom of the cell andexit through the connecting wires.

This flow of electrons is what we call electricity. This is how Solar Energy works and how we get electricity from it.

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Our Milestone

Ground mounted 14.5 MW Solar Power Plant for Bengaluru International Airport :
Initially this project was planned to be installed at Bangaluru. Srushti Solutions involvement made it possible to install the plant at Yaragatti, North Karnataka.
Srushti Solutions contribution in this project involves land acquisition, laisoning, plant installing and commissioning. We also received an appreciation from BOSCH for our contribution in successfully completion of project.
One of the pilot project in North Karnataka.
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Powering Your World

green energy for better future

Solar Panels Installation

With most sunlight conversion efficiency
The most optimum direction to face your solar panels is somewhere between south and west. It is at this location that your panels will receive the maximum sunlight throughout the day. If your roof does not face the right direction, then surface mounted panels or pole mounted panels may be your best bet

The Maintenance

inspection to prevent emergency repair
Preventative maintenance is just what it sounds like; a maintenance plan and sequence designed to ensure all system components are functioning as they should be, and to prevent any technical issues from deteriorating the system..

Upgrade Or Replacement

get your panels in good shape regularly
Your solar panels will continue to generate electricity for more than 25 years, at which point you might see more significant dips in production, so it's unlikely you'll need to replace or upgrade the panels of the original system.
green energy for better future

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green energy for better future
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